Phoenix Arson Lawyer

Whether arson is performed to cover up a crime, gain a profit or simply to watch things burn, it is a serious charge. If you have been accused of arson, you will likely face felony charges that could put you away in prison for years at a time. The only way to fight these penalties is with the help of a top Phoenix criminal lawyer.

When juveniles are accused of arson, the courts will usually charge them with the lesser charge of reckless burning, a misdemeanor crime which will allow for the punishment of the offender without ruining his or her future. The definition of reckless burning is to recklessly cause an explosion or fire that caused damage to someone’s property. In many cases, your Phoenix criminal attorney may be able to negotiate an arson charge down to this level if minimal damage was done to the property.

If you are charged with arson, you could face very serious penalties. The specific punishments may vary based on the value of the property destroyed, if anyone was injured, if anyone lived on the property, and if the fire was started to assist in the committing of another crime. No matter how serious the charges though, you can be certain you will be facing at least a year in prison and heavy fines. Don’t take chances when up against these major penalties; contact a top Phoenix criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Arizona state suffers from over $72 million in damages every year due to arson, so prosecutors are not likely to go easy on those accused of the crime. If you have been charged with arson, please contact a top Phoenix criminal attorney from The Law Offices of Phoenixs Criminal Attorney.