Phoenix Ponzi Scheme Attorney

A Ponzi scheme is a form of investment fraud, involving payment of supposed returns to existing investors using the funds of new contributing investors. Organizers of Ponzi schemes typically solicit new investors by promising to invest all funds in opportunities claiming to generate high returns with no risk. Eventually investors are not paid because there money was utilized to pay earlier stage investors and for the fraudsters personal use; instead of engaging in an investment.

If you are being charged with operating a Ponzi scheme, you face serious consequences. It is necessary you seek an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney to represent your case.

The majority of Ponzi scheme investigations could take months or years. If you believe you are being investigated for a Phoenix Ponzi scheme; it is important to find a knowledgeable defense attorney. Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer is determined to represent you and make sure your rights have been preserved. Our priority is to ensure the law enforcement preserved your rights and conducted its investigation operations legally.

Penalties for operating a Ponzi scheme are harsh. These types of cases are very complex and involve many defendants, and large quantities of money are also involved. For these reasons alone it is important to have an experienced phoenix criminal defense attorney. The Phoenix criminal defense lawyers are experienced in fraud crimes and understand the complexities of these types of cases. Our attorneys are experienced and use the best defenses to the allegations presented towards you.

Our Phoenix criminal lawyers have the experience and knowledge which enables them to build a strong defense for their clients. Some accomplishments include dismissals, reduced penalties and acquittals for people charged with organizing fraud schemes.