Phoenix Criminal Attorney


Everyone knows stealing is wrong, but like all criminal acts, people still do it. Sometimes the entirely wrong person is accused of robbery because an eye witness account is wrong. Sometimes police arrest someone for theft, but they obtain evidence in an improper manner, rendering it inadmissible. Sometimes suspected shoplifters are stopped by security guards before they leave the store, meaning no crime was technically committed. As you can see, there are a lot of ways a theft crime charge can be beaten when you work with a skilled Phoenix theft criminal attorney.

There are a wide variety of theft crimes in our state and each has a different level of severity based on the manner it was committed. Crimes involving violence or the threat of violence are always more serious. Burglaries can be a class two felony if the crime was committed while in the possession of a dangerous weapon. These charges can be punished by up to 21 years in prison. Lesser theft crimes may include shoplifting. Shoplifting is normally a misdemeanor, but may be a felony depending on how much was taken or of the suspect has two prior convictions for shoplifting. That means something that would normally result in only 30 days of jail and a $500 fine may instead result in a sentence of up to two years in prison. Whatever theft crime you are facing, your Phoenix criminal lawyer can help build a winning defense strategy for your situation.

For smaller offenses, your crime defense representation in Phoenix, Arizona may be able to have the charges dropped against you if you make some form of restitution towards the victim. In more serious situations, your Phoenix criminal lawyer will search for any inconsistencies or holes in the prosecution’s case. If the evidence against you was obtained illegally, it cannot not be used in court. If the police officer stopped you without valid cause, the charges may be dropped. If the only evidence against you was a victim’s testimony, you may be found not guilty. At The Law Offices of Phoenixs Criminal Attorney, we will ensure the burden of proof always stays where it belongs –on the prosecution.

If you have been accused of a theft crime, please call a Phoenix criminal attorney from our firm and schedule your free initial consultation.