Phoenix Fraud Attorney

Fraud is a serious offense and could lead to serious consequences that will affect the rest of your life. Having an experienced Phoenix criminal attorney is highly recommended to help preserve your rights. Fraud can be categorized and charged as a state or federal defense. This will be determined depending on the severity of the charges. An act of fraud entails the gaining of money or property from someone who deserves it through means of deception. A fraud crime is categorized by the manner in which they were committed. If the crime involves cheating the IRS, Medicaid, USPS, or a federally insured bank; the crime will be charged at a federal level. Equally businesses and individuals can be charged with fraud, although organizations will face monetary punishments, individuals can face a long prison sentence.

If you are facing fraud charges, it is important to hire a Phoenix fraud lawyer who has the experience to fight the accusations against you and protect your reputation.

The most common forms of fraud are mail fraud and wire fraud. Mail fraud charges are typically used to fight against numerous fraud crimes. Wire fraud is classified as the act of wiring information or money; it may also include anything involving radio or television. Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can assist you in fighting against these types of accusations.

Another form of fraud that is common during these hard times is bank fraud. Bank fraud occurs when an individual attempts to deceive a financial institution by any means, such as credit card fraud, passing of bad checks, identity theft, and misleading information on a mortgage or loan application.

Insurance fraud is also another form of fraud. This type of crime is typically performed by hospitals and doctors with the desire to make more then what is acceptable for their services. Insurance fraud can also be classified as an individual destroying there property in order to collect funds for the damage.

A Phoenix Criminal defense attorney can protect your rights and present your case to the court. Our attorneys are experienced and can gather and uncover evidence that can be in your favor.

Securities fraud is also a common form of fraud. Companies and individuals can equally be accused of securities fraud. Securities fraud entails the deception of prospective investors. Insider trading is a method of securities fraud executed by individuals. Corporations commit securities fraud when they release fictitious financial statements to the public. In 2004, Martha Stewart was convicted of committing securities fraud to investors.

Contact a Phoenix Criminal lawyer to represent you and fight for your rights. Our attorney are available throughout the state of Arizona.