Phoenix Domestic Violence Attorney

In Phoenix, AZ, domestic violence charges can be filed in any violent situation between family members, romantic partners, former romantic partners, parents with children together, and more.  The laws concerning domestic violence are quite broad.  So if you or someone you love is facing a criminal charge for domestic violence, you need to contact our firm as soon as possible. 

Our Phoenix Criminal Attorney has been exclusively working in the field of criminal defense for many years.  He has years of experience representing violent offenders, including in cases involving domestic violence.  Our firm has helped clients through their cases involving charges for both misdemeanors and felony domestic violence.

Even if you have a criminal history and are facing felony charges, our Phoenix Criminal Attorney can still help you.  We understand that you cannot afford to have a domestic violence conviction on your record, as it can affect other aspects of your life, including child custody and other family law cases.

Facing the Phoenix criminal judicial system can be a frightening experience. There are so many unanswered questions many people have. But rest assured if you have an experienced Phoenix Criminal Attorney by your side that you will not be left hanging. We handle each case with respect and dignity. All your questions are answered and phone calls are returned.

Contact our office today to speak with our Phoenix criminal attorney about your case.