Phoenix Embezzlement Attorney

Embezzlement is a form of theft that involves the misappropriation of official business fund or property by an employee or other trusted staff member.  For example, anyone charging personal expenses to a business credit card is guilty of embezzlement.  This is obviously a more minor case of embezzlement, but more high profile cases include CEOs or other major executives funneling large amounts of cash into personal accounts.

Whether your case involves misdemeanor or felony charges, being accused of embezzlement is very serious.  The simple accusation of being an embezzler can be enough to tar your professional reputation.  With that said, you must make it a priority to appoint a Phoenix Criminal Attorney to your case immediately.

Our Phoenix Criminal Attorney is well versed in the best methods to defending white collar and theft crimes like embezzlement.  Our legal team will investigate your case leaving no stone unturned, and attempt to get your charges dismissed.  We want you to walk out of the courtroom free and with your reputation in tact.

Facing the Phoenix criminal judicial system can be a frightening experience. There are so many unanswered questions many people have. But rest assured if you have an experienced Phoenix Criminal Attorney by your side that you will not be left hanging. We handle each case with respect and dignity. All your questions are answered and phone calls are returned.

With years of experience we have learned the tricks used by the prosecution and will prepare your defense for their tactics. Our success rate speaks for itself. Contact our office today to speak with our Phoenix criminal attorney about your case.