Violent Crimes in Arizona

Violent crimes are some of the ugliest, most victimizing criminal acts a person could commit. These acts are so vicious in nature that they are zealously prosecuted and often result in some of the most biased juries in our judicial system. When someone is accused of a violent crime, they require the help of a well-trained and experienced Phoenix criminal attorney.

Penalties for violent crime convictions are some of the strictest of all types of crimes. If you are convicted, you could face prison sentences, extensive fines, long probation periods, even the death penalty. Only a top Phoenix criminal lawyer can help work with you to ensure a successful out come to your case.

When you get together with our crime defense representation in Phoenix, Arizona, we will always listen to your concerns and questions. We will work with you to help uncover as much evidence on your behalf as possible. If necessary, your Phoenix violent crimes lawyer will work with private investigators, psychiatrists, expert witnesses, independent forensics labs, medical experts and other professionals to prove your innocence.

Our Criminal Lawyer Will Fight for the Best Possible Outcome in Your Case

If, upon reviewing all possible evidence, we decide that you are unlikely to win your case, we will work with you to help decide on our next move. We can help you fight for a reduced sentence on the grounds of psychological issues or extenuating circumstances leading to your criminal act. If you would like to negotiate a plea bargain with the defense, we will do the bartering for you to ensure you receive a winning agreement.

A Phoenix criminal attorney is highly experienced in the area of violent crimes defense. Some of the many accusations he has helped clients fight include:

If you have any questions, call our firm today to speak with a knowledgeable legal representative on our staff.