Phoenix Robbery Attorney

In the state of Arizona, dangerous crimes such as those that involve violence are typically sentenced to decades in state prison.  For this reason if you or someone you care about is facing a robbery charge, it is important that you contact a Phoenix criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Robbery is basically a violent theft crime.  If you threatened a victim or hurt the victim in any way while attempting to steal goods or cash, you will be charged with robbery.  If there was a weapon involved, you will face armed robbery charges.

Our Phoenix criminal lawyer has the aggressive attitude and years of experience winning robbery cases to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.  If you are facing a robbery charge, there is no better attorney for your case.

Facing the Phoenix criminal judicial system can be a frightening experience. There are so many unanswered questions many people have. But rest assured if you have an experienced Phoenix criminal lawyer by your side that you will not be left hanging. We handle each case with respect and dignity. All your questions are answered and phone calls are returned.

With years of experience we have learned the tricks used by the prosecution and will prepare your defense for their tactics. Our success rate speaks for itself. Contact our office today to speak with our Phoenix criminal lawyer about your case.