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RICO Charges

State and federal laws, such as The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), forbid operations of unlawful business and enterprises for profit. It is illegal to profit from legitimate businesses. Arizona laws and federal laws, grant the government supremacy in order to investigate. Typically these types of cases are multileveled involving many defendants. This type of case can seem overwhelming to a Phoenix Criminal attorney who does not have the experience. The amount of paper evidence involved within the case can be intimidating to an attorney who does not have the knowledge. Defense against a racketeering charge is difficult and tricky and requires a Criminal defense attorney with extensible knowledge and experience of the applicable statues.

If evidence is shown that a business is engaged in illegal conduct and is a suspected of RICO penalties and seizures. The objective of seizures of assets; is to reduce or cut off the funding and supplies to an organizations illegal activity.


Our Phoenix criminal attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide results. Our lawyers have been successfully representing clients for all types of white collar crimes including theft, fraudulent schemes, identity fraud, violations of the RICO laws, credit card fraud. This knowledge along with our certifications, give our clients an advantage in defense against racketeering charges.

There are many offenses that are classified under racketeering law, placing businesses at risk of obtaining RICO charges. The Phoenix criminal lawyers have obtained the experience and knowledge that is required in order to successfully defeat your case. Our attorneys are experienced in handling with federal and state white collar crimes throughout Arizona.

Should you be facing RICO or white collar crimes charges or are at risk of being accused of racketeering; you will need an experienced Phoenix criminal lawyer to represent you and fight for you.

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