Weapons Charges

Just because Arizona has notably lenient gun laws doesn’t mean anyone can carry a gun anywhere at any time. Our state still has a number of laws restricting gun ownership and registration that must be followed by anyone who wishes to bear arms. If you have been accused of violating these laws, a conviction could leave you without the right to ever possess a firearm in the future. Don’t take chances with weapons charges; call a top Phoenix criminal lawyer from our firm today to discuss your case.

Anyone who has been convicted of a felony or of domestic assault cannot carry a firearm and all guns in the state must be legally registered. There are a number of reason these laws may be violated though, which leaves many defense options open to your Phoenix criminal attorney. When it comes to registration matters, this can be a complex area, particularly when it comes to inheritances or gifts, which is why so many people find themselves shocked to be charged with a crime for owning a gun they believed was completely legal.

Of course, a weapon need not be a gun to be limited by the law. If you are accused of using a “dangerous instrument” in any illegal manner, you can be charged and convicted. These items include knives, brass knuckles, billy clubs and all other types of weapons that could be used to maim or kill another person. If you have committed a crime while in possession of any deadly weapon, your sentence will automatically be increased. Fortunately, the definition of a deadly weapon can vary greatly, so your Phoenix criminal lawyer may be able to show that the item was not actually deadly and should not lead to an increased sentence.

When you have been accused of a weapons charge, it is critical you defend your rights and freedoms with the help of a top Phoenix criminal attorney call our offices today to discuss your circumstances.